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For nearly 40 years, WessDel has provided the finest precision machining and fabrication services to our customers who demand the highest performance components and assemblies. WessDel continually applies this experience to develop increasingly innovative processes and techniques to allow customers to design more advanced systems. We support a diverse international client base spanning across the U.S and Europe as well as in Asia. Furthermore WessDel is the recognized leader in advanced machining and joining techniques for beryllium materials to the aerospace and defense industries
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Precision Machining

WessDel offers the finest precision machining services available today. WessDel is respected for our ability to produce machined components and structures fabricated from all conventional materials as well as beryllium, its alloys and other exotic materials. WessDel machines these materials utilizing sophisticated CNC Machining Centers, Turning Centers, Waterjet and EDM machines. WessDel uses these capabilities to produce the products that meet and exceed our customers stringent requirements. Learn More>>

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WessDel is the world's leading supplier of brazed beryllium structures. These structures are used in applications that require the highest degree of structural integrity for exacting space applications. Examples includes precision yokes, telescope housing, bus stuctures and gimbals for both commercial and military spacecraft. We also have full mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly capabilities allowing us to produce anything from basic assemblies to very complex, multidimensional turnkey assemblies with complete supply chain management. For over 30 years, customers have relied on WessDel program management and fabrication capabilities to produce their most difficult systems. Learn More>>

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WessDel's quality system is focused on satisfying the needs of our customers, leadership and involvement of our employees, with a process approach to management for continual improvement. We want to foster factual decision-making and improve supplier/customer relationships that will equate to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to achieve Customer Satisfaction by creating greater Company-wide quality awareness and reinforcing the Company’s quality commitment as a top prioity. Learn More>>