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WessDel has more than 30 years experience in the manufacturing and engineering of complex structures and assemblies for customers in high performance industries around the world. We can fabricate products ranging from simple assemblies to complex systems and we are experienced with all aspects of program management covering the complete value chain. We work to develop the all of the processes and techiniques necessary to provide our customers with their products - on-time and to specifications.

In-house Capabilities
We have many in-house competencies, such as precision machining, process development, advanced materials expertise, bonding and brazing expertise and electro-mechanical capabilities. We also have extensive knowledge of secondary processes and regularly work with our approved vendors to develop their capabilities in order to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, we can provide concurrent engineering, prototyping, roadmapping services and more.

Supply Chain Management
We complement our own specialties with those of a network of carefully selected partners. Supply chain management is all about balancing flexibility, consistency, reliability and cost – within a set timeframe.

Partnership Development
We believe in forming strategic, long-term partnerships, and in sharing risks and responsibilities with our vendors and customers. The earlier we are involved in your product creation process, the greater the potential benefit you enjoy.

We believe that quality processes create quality products
We operate everyday with a focus on continual improvement. We are always asking ourselves how we can perform better, faster, more economically. This guides us in the was we perform the tasks necessary to meet the demanding requirements of of customers.

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Brazed AlBeMet Structure

Brazed Beryllium Yoke Structure

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