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WessDel is a worldwide provider of high precision manufacturing and engineering services

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As a leader in precision machining and engineering, WessDel takes pride in working with some of the most high performance Commercial and Military Aerospace, National Defense, Semiconductor, and Medical industries in the world. We realize that our products are used for the advancement of world technologies that will result in everything from furthering exploration to saving lives. Operating in our state-of-the-art, 24,000 sq ft. facility, our AlBeMet (aluminum beryllium) machining and titanium machining capabilities result in unmatched solutions for specialized areas such as aerospace manufacturing that can be trusted regardless of where your journey takes you. We understand that every project is unique so when it comes to our business we strive to value each and every customer equally. Our 30 years of experience proves that our passion has been the driving force behind the quality products we manufacture time and time again.

We believe in our customers and and the services they provide to our ever-changing world. We believe in the advancement of technology and the future of high-performance industries. That's why WessDel is focused on providing our customers with the assurance they will get from knowing our albemet machining and titanium machining capabilities combined with the knowledge of our world-class engineers will result in the manufacturing of the components they can be sure to trust. This also proves to be true of our network of carefully selected partners who help us ensure that our customers not only receive the best quality products but also the most cost effective products delivered within a specially set timeframe.

When it comes to engineering and manufacturing for high performance industries, WessDel is simply the best. This is a statement that our reputation can uphold. We want you to trust us so together we can build a working relationship that in turn will contribute to building a better future for all.



Our nation's leading defense contractors repeatedly enlist WessDel to provide critical components for "can't fail" spacecraft structures and advanced communication assets. Our innovative process development is optimized on a full suite of state-of-the art CNC Milling, Turning, EDM, Water Jet, Chemical and Thermal processing equipment. Our elite team of operators execute "first time acceptance" as a standard.

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Military Aircraft

WessDel supplies all the tier one prime contractors with critical precision machined components. At Mach 2, critical means critical. Our innovative Electrical Discharge Machining processes deliver repeatable precision to complex and intricate designs.


WessDel is a Majority Woman-Owned Small Business

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Semiconductor Industry

Space exploration yields breakthroughs for the improvement of life on earth. The semiconductor industry breaks through yields for the improvement of life on earth. There's a natural synergy. WessDel is a pioneer in support of the early adoption of advanced materials by the world's leading Semiconductor Equipment OEM's. Our aerospace customers propelled our development of new processes and unique capabilities in the machining and brazing of aluminum beryllium (AlBeMet). These capabilities now serve our Semiconductor Equipment customers as they integrate advanced materials into their product development roadmaps on quests to navigate 450mm and the next technology node.